Sentence Examples with the word one thing

To mention but one thing about it, let me say that it has an eye which applied, according to the accompanying scale, to a full grown sperm whale, would make the eye of that whale a bow-window some five feet long.

Able to dispense instant sentencing, Judges are the one thing preventing total anarchy.

It was one thing to stand firm on the issue of casual sex, but this was the man she would be married to in less than two weeks.

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If there's one thing that drives Dustin crazy, it's being kept in the dark.

Equatorial at the United States Naval Observatory, Newcomb devoted it almost exclusively for the first two years to observations of the satellites of Uranus and Neptune, being of opinion that it was better to do one thing well than many things indifferently.

Hence the doctrine of Kant, that Nature as known to science is phenomena, means one thing in Kantism and another thing in science.

The existing species of things having thus been transferred, with all their specialities, to the prehistoric stage, they were multiplied endlessly in number, by reducing their size through continued subdivision; at the same time each one thing is so indissolubly connected with every other that the keenest analysis can never completely sever them.

He has the same imperturbable and persuasive effrontery in protesting that he is doing one thing at the moment when his energies are concentrated on doing the opposite.

Cade only wanted one thing - and she had foolishly submitted.

But it was one thing to enunciate such magnificent theories in a lecture, and quite another to apply them in the market-place.