Sentence Examples with the word one step

Some of his brilliant rival's most conspicuous discoveries were implicitly contained in his writings, and wanted but one step for completion.

She cautiously took one step and then another, and found herself in the middle of a small room containing baggage.

Claudette had gone one step too far.

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In the Only Possible Ground of Proof for the Existence of God, the argument, though largely Leibnitzian, advances one step farther towards the ultimate inquiry.

She suspected he was one step ahead, but she wasn't expecting him to reveal his plan.

Thus at one step Pasteur gained a place of honour among the chemists of the day, and was immediately appointed professor of chemistry at the Faculte of Science at Strasburg, where he soon afterwards married Mlle Laurent, who proved herself to be a true and noble helpmeet.

Thus began a second truly monumental weekend, bringing us one step closer to changing all our lives.

She took one step forward, then another, throwing herself onto the ground beside Sofi.

No one will fault you for taking that one step further and cleaning house, Dr. Wynn said with a faint smile.

In 1198, on the election of Enrico Dandolo, the aristocracy carried their policy one step farther, and by the promissione ducale, or coronation oath, which every doge was required to swear, they acquired a powerful weapon for the suppression of all that remained of ancient ducal authority.