Sentence Examples with the word one

He grabbed one of the Immortal books, fingering the soft, leather-like cover and transparent pages.

High - the whole plant resembling one of the large meadow sweets.

This edifice, in the Italian baroque style, surmounted by a dome, possesses but little architectural merit, and its position is so confined that great ingenuity had to be employed in its internal arrangements to meet the demands of space, but its collection of pictures is one of the finest in Europe.

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He died of apoplexy on the, 8th of September 1783, whilst he was amusing himself at tea with one of his grandchildren.

The economy boomed and history dutifully stayed ended until one Tuesday morning in September 2001 in New York City when it resumed again.

The amount which is equivalent to one part of hydrogen; and (2) a factor which denotes the number of atoms of hydrogen which combines with or is equivalent to one atom of the particular element.

Distracted, her attacker cut through one legging then the other.

There happened to be among the court ladies one Hiyeda no Are, who was gifted with an extraordinary memory.

For the doctorate in the faculty of letters two theses must be submitted, of which the subject and plan must be approved by the faculty (until recently one of them was required to be written in Latin).

At this presumption on the part of one to whom as yet no tie of love bound me I grew angry.

There's no one to interest himself for him.

To a Rechabite (the clan is allied to the Kenites) is definitely ascribed a hand in Jehu's sanguinary measures, and, though little is told of the obviously momentous events, one writer clearly alludes to a bloody period when reforms were to be effected by the sword (1 Kings xix.

She thought only of one thing, her sorrow, which, after the break caused by cares for the present, seemed already to belong to the past.

According to one account, he visited the site of Pittsburg, and examined its availability for fortification, in August 1 753 - before the arrival of Washington.

There is more than one meaning of Durango discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

Often they were separated one from the other by large stretches of territory under the rule of a hostile prince and their trade was peculiarly liable to attack by an adventurous body of knights.

Another important undertaking begun about the same time was the throwing of an East Indian weir dam (the only one in the United States) across the Colorado near Yuma, and the confinement of both sides of the lower Gila and Colorado with levees.

Naturally there is an increasing vagueness as one recedes farther into the past, and for the earlier history of Chaldaea there is great uncertainty.

In 1900 over one million tons of rice were shipped to India during the famine there.

It seems that some honest mariners of Dover, or Sandwich, or some one of the Cinque Ports, had after a hard chase succeeded in killing and beaching a fine whale which they had originally descried afar off from the shore.