Sentence Examples with the word on the town

In 1840 he led a movement against the Rochdale church-rate, speaking from a tombstone in the churchyard, where it looks down on the town in the valley below.

For general and special works on the town see Ulysse Chevalier, Topobibliographie (Montbeliard, 1894-1899), s.

Convicted of wearing his hat while a religious procession was passing - as well as of blasphemy - he was accused as well of having mutilated a crucifix standing on the town bridge.

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On the 19th, the Ibar Force under Zhivkovich (Shumaja II.) had advanced in several columns which, with more or less irregular fighting and one or two critical moments, had converged on the town of Novibazar and captured the Turkish works on the surrounding heights by the evening of the 22nd.

The industry and commerce are noticed below in the article on the town Archangel, which is the capital.