Sentence Examples with the word on the scene

The mother invented some plea to send the wife to the trysting-place, and then, dressing herself in male clothing, prepared to come suddenly on the scene as the lover, trusting to be able to make her escape before she was recognized.

Franny had been first on the scene behind Dean, dressed only in panties, her arms covering her tiny breasts, shivering as much at the sight as the chill of the early winter morning.

Judith, a beautiful and pious widow of the tribe of Simeon, now appears on the scene with a plan of deliverance.

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Religion was still his dominant passion, and when a pope in Liberal guise appeared on the scene and was bullied by Austria, his two strongest feelingspiety and hatred of Austriaceased Qevolu- to be incompatible.

He appears only twice on the scene of action during the war - to make arrangements for the duel between Paris and Menelaus, and to beg the body of Hector for burial from Achilles, whom he visits in his tent by night.

Bloemfontein, President Kruger himself arriving on the scene to give confidence to his burghers; but the demoralization was so great that neither the military genius of the few nor the personal influence of the president could bolster up an adequate resistance, and on the 13th of March 1900 Lord Roberts's army marched into the Free State capital.

I was on the scene of Shipton's swan dive with Mountain Rescue but it happened inside the city line so it's the City of Ouray's territory.

Xander stayed in place for awhile, gaze on the scene at the building.

But he appeared again on the scene in the general elections of 1909, as a Christian Democratic candidate; he was elected, and alone of the Catholic deputies took his seat in the Chamber on the Extreme Left, where all his neighbors were violent anti-clericals.

The three voyages of Vasco da Gama (who died on the scene of his labours, at Cochin, in 1524) revolutionized the commerce of the East.