Sentence Examples with the word on the rocks

The dried dung of the llama (taquia) is generally used as fuel, as in pre-Spanish times, for roasting ores, as also a species of grass called ichu (Stipa incana), and a singular woody fungus, called yareta (Azorella umbellifera), found growing on the rocks at elevations exceeding 12,000 ft.

Belfair watched, a sneering smile painted on her beautiful face, revenge was hers, as Jership the Terrible crashed in a bloody heap on the rocks below.

He manoeuvred so skilfully in the campaign against Radagaisus, who led a large force of various Germanic peoples into Italy in 405, that he surrounded the barbarian chieftain on the rocks of Fiesole near Florence and starved him into surrender.

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Moments later it clattered on the rocks below.

When his eldest brother died, he'd felt pain and anger, but he'd never felt the crippling ache he did standing on the rocks near the ocean staring at Katie.

The evergreen oak is wild on the rocks about the Lake of Garda, and lemons are cultivated on a large scale, with partial protection in winter.

Amongst the kings of the XIIIth Dynasty (including perhaps the XIVth), not a few are represented by granite statues of colossal size and fine workmanship, especially at Thebes and Tanis, some by architectural fragments, some by graffiti on the rocks about the First Cataract.

Are mostly graffiti, scratched on the rocks by visitors or worshippers at the holy places; CIS.