Sentence Examples with the word on the average

It must also depend on the rate of interchange of molecules, that is to say, (1) on the number passing through each square centimetre per second in either direction, (2) on the average distance to which each can travel before collision (i.e.

The communal tax did not exceed on the average two francs annually for each family.

The comparative nearness of the stars of the solar type, which we have had occasion to allude to, is confirmed by the fact that their proper motions are on the average much larger than those of the Sirian stars.

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It is estimated that the total production of the finer wares amounts on the average to 400,000 per annum.

Some of the American ginners are very large indeed, a number (Bulletin of the Bureau of the Census on Cotton Production) being reported as containing on the average 1 156 saws with an average production of 4120 bales of cotton.

The amount of capital which parliament authorized railway companies to raise was about 42 millions on the average of the two years 1842-1843, 174 millions in 1844, 60 millions in 1845, and 132 millions in 1846, though this last sum was less than a quarter of the capital proposed in the schemes submitted to the Board of Trade; and the wild speculation which occurred in railway shares in 1845 contributed largely to the financial crisis of 1847.

The former were two-edged and on the average about 3 ft.

At Batavia (18) during the epoch 1867-1895, there were on the average 120 days of thunder in the year.

Monazite, a phosphate of thorium and other rare earths, contains on the average about i cc. per gram.

At Athens it was 2 x 4900, and on the average of all the Greek weights it is 2 x 4825, so that 4950 -- the libra -- is as close as we need expect.