Sentence Examples with the word on guard

The indolent Ionians had seen the result of secession at Naxos and rebellion at Thasos; the Athenian fleet was perpetually on guard in the Aegean.

Just as prolonged and stubborn is the struggle now proceeding between the old and the new conception of history, and theology in the same way stands on guard for the old view, and accuses the new view of subverting revelation.

After the destruction of the Armada, Parma had been occupied with campaigns on the southern frontier against the French, and the Netherlanders had been content to stand on guard against attack.

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All five of the death dealers on guard had drawn near the lake.

And this it was, this same unaccountable, cunning life-principle in him; this it was, that kept him a great part of the time soliloquizing; but only like an unreasoning wheel, which also hummingly soliloquizes; or rather, his body was a sentry-box and this soliloquizer on guard there, and talking all the time to keep himself awake.

A man was placed on guard at the door to prevent interruption.

The niche at the entrance, which is rarely wanting, served, no doubt, for the sentry on guard AA FIG.

The only Ottoman detachments which during the 7th and 8th confronted the two British divisions that had made a descent on this locality were those which had been on guard on the spot when the landing was taking place.

But Death on guard was something else entirely, and she wasn't going to be the second woman to revel in the heat of his arms this night.

Theology stood on guard for the old views and accused the new of violating revelation.