Sentence Examples with the word ominous

Balkan unrest had shown itself in unusually ominous form as early as the beginning of May 1912.

This disappointment of his ambition would not perhaps in itself have sufficed to stir Mehemet Ali to revolt against his master; but it was ominous of perils to come, which the astute pasha thought it wise to forestall.

Thunder tumbled down the San Juan Mountains, heralding the arrival of pelting rain that turned the Jeep road into a surging stream and the sky to an ominous shade of raven black.

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There were ominous rumblings from Zimbabwe.

She didn't like the ominous words and looked at him to judge if the situation was serious.

But that neither plea would avail her for a moment in Scotland she had ominous evidence on the thirteenth day after her marriage, when no response was made to the usual form of proclamation for a raid or levy of forces under pretext of a campaign against the rievers of the border.

This vas the first and ominous sign of a coming change.

If other sister churches were reporting progress, or were simply keeping abreast of the population, these facts would not be so ominous as they undoubtedly are.

His ominous farewell silenced her.

Gabriel.s ominous words made Kris uneasy.