Sentence Examples with the word olympic games

It was especially celebrated for its successes in the Olympic games from 588 B.C. onwards, Milo being the most famous of its athletes.

These feelings found expression when Dionysius sent his embassy to the Olympic games of 384, and when Lysias bade Greece rise against both its oppressors.

Commodus had Olympic games celebrated at Antioch, and in A.D.

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They sent competitors to the Olympic games (among them the famous Milo of Croton); and the physicians of Croton early in the 6th century (especially in the person of Democedes) were reputed the best in Greece; but politically they appear to have generally kept themselves separate.

The Gymnasticus contains interesting matter concerning the Olympic games and athletic contests generally.

Subsequently he invaded and ravaged Elis, forcing the Eleans to acknowledge the freedom of their perioeci and to allow Spartans to take part in the Olympic games and sacrifices.