Sentence Examples with the word olympian

Each of these treasure-houses was erected by a Greek state, either as a thank-offering for Olympian victories gained by its citizens, or as a general' mark of homage to the Olympian Zeus.

She is not mentioned in Homer, although the hearth is recognized as a place of refuge for suppliants; this seems to show that her worship was not universally acknowledged at the time of the Homeric poems. In post-Homeric religion she is one of the twelve Olympian deities, but, as the abiding goddess of the household, she never leaves Olympus.

The turbulent Olympian court has almost disappeared.

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Spartan arms could enforce the sanction which the Olympian Zeus gave to the oaths of the amphictyones, whose federal bond was symbolized by common worship at his shrine.

Sixteen women, representing eight towns of Elis and eight of Pisatis, wove the festal robe for the Olympian Hera.

Or 192.27 metres - an important result, as it determines the Olympian foot to be 0.3204 metre or a little more than an English foot (I.

The Olympian temple of Zeus is said to have been dismantled, either by the Goths or by Christian zeal, in the reign of Theodosius II.

It was apparently a square building, of which each side measured 100 Olympian feet, with a south-west aspect.

Simultaneously, at the Olympian festival of 324, the command was issued to all the cities of Greece to recognize him as god and to receive the exiles home.1 In 323 B.C. the preparations for the circumnavigation and subjection of Arabia were complete: the next enterprise being the conquest of the West, and the battle for Hellenic culture against Carthage and the Italian tribes.

Its form was that of a vaulted tunnel, 100 Olympian feet in length.