Sentence Examples with the word olefine

Energetic dehydration gives the olefine hydrocarbons, but under certain conditions ethers (see Ether) are obtained.

Unsaturated aldehydes are also known, corresponding to the olefine alcohols; they show the characteristic properties of the saturated aldehydes and can form additive compounds in virtue of their unsaturated nature.

They combine with hypochlorous acid to form chlorhydrins; and are easily soluble in concentrated sulphuric acid, giving rise to sulphuric acid esters; consequently if the solution be boiled with water, the alcohol from which the olefine was in the first place derived is regenerated.

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In addition to these, a series of open-chain olefine terpenes is known.

Isomerism in the olefine series does not appear until the third member of the series is reached.

The esters of the higher fatty acids, when distilled under atmospheric pressure, are decomposed, and yield an olefine and a fatty acid.