Sentence Examples with the word oldenburg

To us it is incomprehensible that millions of Christian men killed and tortured each other either because Napoleon was ambitious or Alexander was firm, or because England's policy was astute or the Duke of Oldenburg wronged.

The greatest extent of moorland is found in the westernmost parts of the plain, in Oldenburg and East Frisia.

JOHANN FRIEDRICH HERBART (1776-1841), German philosopher and educationist, was born at Oldenburg on the 4th of May 17 76.

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He engaged in a successful expedition against the Abotrites, or Obotrites, in 1147, and won a considerable tract of land beyond the Elbe, in which were re-established the bishoprics of Mecklenburg,' Oldenburg 2 and Ratzeburg.

Though reckoned a part of the Prussian province of Hanover it is completely surrounded on the landward side by Oldenburg territory.

For about half an hour great crowds of riders, hidden by dense clouds of dust, drifted aimlessly about the plain, till at length the charge of a single squadron of the Oldenburg Dragoons (who had joined in on their own initiative) delivered on the outer French flank, brought the whole mass into motion north-eastward, and, both sides sounding the rally,Ithe engagement gradually ceased.

Baden (state) controls 1233, Oldenburg (state) 382, MecklenburgSchwerin 726 and Saxe-Weimar 257 m.

Outside this, though not in hostility to it, Hanover, Brunswick, Oldenburg and Schaumburg-Lippe formed a separate customs-union, (Steuerverein) by treaties signed on the 1st of May 1834 and the 7th of May 1836, and to this certain Prussian and Hessian enclaves were attached.

This division of national sentiment within the monarchy, complicated by the approaching extinction of the Oldenburg line of the house of Denmark, by which, in the normal course under the Salic law, the succession to Holstein would have passed away from the Danish crown, opened up the whole complicated SchleswigHolstein Question with all its momentous consequences.

Nearly the entire course of the Weser lies in Prussia, but it also touches part of Brunswick and Lippe, and after flowing through Bremen expands into an estuary separating the duchy of Oldenburg from the Prussian province of Hanover.