Sentence Examples with the word old-fashioned

He deserves great credit for having converted the somewhat old-fashioned polytechnical school at Delft into a technical university which rivals the very best.

Its old-fashioned garden was the paradise of my childhood.

Were rather splendid manor-houses, with some slight external protection of moat and gate- A h house, than old-fashioned castles.

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The Bonapartists had attached themselves to the general, and even the comte de Paris encouraged his followers to support him, to the dismay of those old-fashioned Royalists who resented Boulanger's treatment of the duc d'Aumale.

It was an old-fashioned saber of a kind no longer in general use.

The old town is irregularly built, with narrow streets and old-fashioned gabled houses.

The same may be said with greater truth of the devotees of the theory of knowledge; they seem to have no need of so old-fashioned a commodity as reality.

The elements of this opposition were of very various kinds (r) The old-fashioned Moslems, sons of the Ansar and Mohajir, who had been Mahomet's first companions and supporters, and could not bear the thought that the sons of the old enemies of the Prophet in Mecca, whom they nicknamed tolaga (freedmen), should be in control of the imamate, which carried with it the management of affairs both civil and religious.

Bossuet and the old-fashioned divines had believed in an elaborate system of checks and balances - popes, councils, bishops, temporal sovereigns each limiting and controlling the other - just as Montesquieu and Alexander Hamilton had believed in a careful separation of the executive from the legislative power.

As a whole, Australia is rich in parrots, of which it has several very peculiar forms, but Picarians in old-fashioned parlance, of all sorts - certain kingfishers excepted - are few in number, and the pigeons are also comparatively scarce, no doubt because of the many arboreal predaceous marsupials.