Sentence Examples with the word old latin

Among these the works of Sanday, Corssen, Wordsworth, White, Burkitt and Harris on the history of the Old Latin and Vulgate, and especially the work of Burkitt on the Old Syriac, have given most light on the subject.

In the Old Testament Jerome made a new translation directly from the Hebrew, as the Old Latin was based on the LXX., but in the New Testament he revised the existing version.

The Syriac version has been edited by Kennet, Epp. of St Clement to the Corinthians in Syriac, 1899, and the Old Latin version by Morin, S.

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This is found in three recensions: (I) in A B, o; (2) in codices 19, 108 (Lucian's text); (3) in codex 58, the source of the old Latin and Syriac.

The black swan was thought remarkable when discovered, as belying an old Latin proverb.

The most recent works bearing on Old Latin syntax, are Sjogren, Zum Gebrauch des Futurums im Altlateinischen (1906); Lindsay, Syntax of Plautus (1907); Sonnenschein, The Unity of the Latin Subjunctive (1910).

Wircebirgum is the old Latin form of the name of the town; Herbipolis (herb town) first appears in the 12th century.

The old Latin school had only one main subject, the study of Latin style (combined with a modicum of Greek).

JUTURNA (older form Diuturna, the lasting), an old Latin divinity, a personification of the never-failing springs.

They threatened at once the debris of the old Latin empire in Greece and the archipelago, and the relics of the Byzantine empire round Constantinople; they menaced the Hospitallers in Rhodes and the Lusignans in Cyprus.