Sentence Examples with the word old house

In the valley below, the old house seemed to stare at her with blank eyes, as if it too was trying to avoid seeing something.

Renovating the old house wasn't a necessity, and if Alex wanted money spent on it, he would likely initiate it on his own.

It shares with SchwarzburgSondershausen the possessions of the old house of Schwarzburg, consisting of the upper barony (Oberherrschaft) in Thuringia, on the Gera, Ilm and Saale, and the lower barony (Unterherrschaft), an isolated district on the Wipper and Helbe, about 25 m.

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At the old house Katie retrieved some supplies for Carmen while Bill assessed the damage.

The old house with its dark blank windows was eerie.

At least at this point, the old house was paying for itself.

The two remained that way, blanketed in the comforting stillness of the old house and one another's arms.

The caverns in the sides of the precipice are said to have afforded Wallace and other heroes (or outlaws) refuge in time of trouble, but the old house is most memorable as the home of the poet William Drummond, who here welcomed Ben Jonson; the tree beneath which the two poets sat still stands.

There was plenty of room in the old house and Katie would continue helping with the chores until they found a place to live.

Two hundred yards east of the mansion is an ancient gateway, supposed to have led to the old House of Scone, and near it stands the cross of Scone, removed hither from its original site in the town.