Sentence Examples with the word oi

Mean Temp. oi Coldest Month Coldest Month Peking.

After the Spartan defeat of Argos in 494 B.C. Tiryns regained temporary independence, and the Tirynthians fought on the OI Greek side at Plataea, while the Argives held aloof.

Entre ceus qui solent cunter E del cunte Tristran parler, 11 en cuntent diversement Oi en ai de plusur gent.

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He has constructed a capillary electrometer by which differences of electric potential less than o oi of that of a Daniell's cell can be detected by the difference of the pressure required to force the mercury to a given point of a fine capillary tube.

Application to a Pair of TurnIng Fseces.Let ai, a2 be the angular velocities of a pair of turning pieces; Of, Oi the angles which their line of connection makes with their respective planes of rotation; Ti, r2 the common perpendiculars let fall from the line of connection upon the respective axes of rotation of the pieces.

The Roman prince Nero Claudius Drusus (q.v.) The gamin the year 12 B.C. annexed what is now the kingdom paigns oi of the Netherlands, and constructed a canal (Fossa other Drusiana) between the Rhine and the lake Flevo Ro1fl811 (Lacus Flevus), which partly corresponded to the ea CIS.

At Naples a trifling disturbance in September 1849, led to the lion oi arrest of a large number of persons connected with the Liberals Unitd Italiana, a society somewhat similar to the in Naples.

On the 9th of December 1870 the diet of the confederatior - accepted the treaties and gave to the new confederation thc name of German Empire (Deutsche Reich), and on the 18th oi January 1871 the king of Prussia was proclaimed Germar emperor (Deutscher Kaiser) a-e Versailles.

Loomis for the concentration of o oI gramme-molecule of salt to one thousand grammes of water.

The chief tributaries of the Salween in British territory are the Nam Yu and the Nam Oi or Nam Mwe on the right bank, and the Hsipa Haw on the left.