Sentence Examples with the word oh

There is apparently no doubt that this island is OH ocHa CHo Vanillin si CH.CH: CHI Chavibetol imaginary.

Thus, the atom of hydrogen is a monad simple radical, the atom of oxygen a dyad simple radical, whilst the group OH is a monad compound radical.

Nicotine (C 1 oH 14 N 2) is a volatile alkaloid which appears to be present only in plants of the genus Nicotiana (see Nicotine).

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The invariable line OH describes another cone in the body, called the invariable cone.

Glyceric aldehyde, CH 2 OH CH(OH) CHO, was obtained pure by Wohlon oxidizing acrolein acetal, CH 2 CH(OC 2 H 5) 21 and hydrolysing.

By fusing two nuclei we obtain the formula of naphthalene, C 1 oH 8; by fusing three, the hydrocarbons anthracene and phenanthrene, C14H10; by fusing four, chrysene, C18H12, and possibly pyrene, C16H1n; by fusing five, picene, C22 H 14.

My eyes, and those of my few friends, were red with tears when I packed my trifle belongings and walked the short, but oh so long distance to my new home.

On such a hypothesis, the relatively unstable normal diazo hydroxides would be the syn-compounds, since here the nitrogen atoms would be more easily eliminated, whilst the stable iso-diazo derivatives would be the anti-compounds, thus: R N R N HO-N N OH Normal hydroxide Iso hydroxide (Syn-compound) (Anti-compound) In support of this theory, Hantzsch has succeeded in isolating a series of syn - and anti-diazo-cyanides and -sulphonates (Ber.,1895,28, p.666; 1900, 33, P. 2161; 1901, 34, p. 4166).

Thus with hydroxylamine aldehydes yield aldoximes, R CH: N OH, and ketones, ketoximes, R 2 C: N OH (see Oximes), while phenyl hydrazine gives phenylhydrazones, R 2 C:N NH C 6 H 5 (see Hydrazones).

He prepared the cyanhydrins of glucose and fructose, hydrolysed them to the corresponding oxy-acids, from which the hydroxy groups were split out by reduction; it was found that glucose yielded normal heptylic acid and fructose methylbutylacetic acid; hence glucose is an aldehyde alcohol, CH 2 OH (CH OH) 4 CHO, whilst fructose is a ketone alcohol CH 2 OH (CH OH) 3 CO.