Sentence Examples with the word oft

There is never any seen idle; the head of the house governs it not by a lofty carriage and oft rebukes, but by gentleness and amiable manners.

General View Oft 'Il Sll L 1 RUM i tiL LA I.

In accordance with this suggestion the Commons in th following year again resolved to repeal the paper duties; but, instead of embodying their decision in a separate bill, they included it in the same measure which dealt with all the financial arrangements of the year, and thus threw oft the Lords the responsibility of either accepting the proposal, or of paralysing the whole machinery of administration by depriving the crown of the supplies which were required for the public services.

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But by dint of much and earnest contemplation, and oft repeated ponderings, and especially by throwing open the little window towards the back of the entry, you at last come to the conclusion that such an idea, however wild, might not be altogether unwarranted.

We tackle our work; professionally and without rancor to one another in spite of a pall of indecision that oft times seeps in like a chill from a leaky window frame.

They both spoke as if what said was oft repeated.

Finally, at the extreme west of the whole district, Cithaeron is bent round at right angles in the direction oft the isthmus, at the northern approach to which it abuts against the mighty mass of Mount Geraneia, which is interposed between the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulf.

This one was oft repeated and rankled her whenever she heard it.

There were no signs of famine or diseases that oft struck Landis, no fights in the streets for a higher position in the warlord-king's court or among his chosen men, no brawls over who would mate with a woman of age.