Sentence Examples with the word officer

The tax-gatherer and recruiting officer begin to make their way into the hills.

It was a misdemeanor count of resisting or opposing a law-enforcement officer without violence.

Identifying himself with Brahmanical orthodoxy he bitterly opposed social reforms. His violent condemnation in 1897 of the plague prevention regulations was followed by the assassination of the local plague commissioner (Mr. Rand) and a young British officer driving with him at the time.

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Katie grabbed her purse and walked quickly down a pristine hall to a placard that read Officer David.

His brother Akhmed married the daughter of Ong Chum Ping, a Chinese officer said to have been sent by his emperor to obtain a jewel from Mount Kinabalu in North Borneo,and was the successor of Sultan Mahommed in the sovereignty of Brunei.

And turning to his men he directed a party to go on to the halting place arranged near the watchman's hut in the forest, and told the officer on the Kirghiz horse (who performed the duties of an adjutant) to go and find out where Dolokhov was and whether he would come that evening.

While still a few steps from the officer she unfolded the kerchief and took out of it a white twenty- five-ruble assignat and hastily handed it to him.

A naval officer was placed over the police to diminish difficulties with the naval authorities and sailors.

Antonio de Ulloa (1716-1795), a distinguished Spanish naval officer and scholar, came to New Orleans in 1766 to take possession for his king.

At the dissolution in 1774 he had been returned for Okehampton in Devonshire, and for Castle Rising in Norfolk, and selected the former constituency; on his promotion as leading law officer of the crown he returned to Bishop's Castle.