Sentence Examples with the word offer

The characters of Charles Martel and his grandson Charlemagne offer many striking points of resemblance.

If the story (first told by Vasari) is true - that this appointment was made at the suggestion of Angelico only after the archbishopric had been offered to himself, and by him declined on the ground of his inaptitude for so elevated and responsible a station - Eugenius, and not (as stated by Vasari) his successor Nicholas V., must have been the pope who sent the invitation and made the offer to Fra Giovanni, for Nicholas only succeeded in 14 4 7.

My Dear Friend, Mr. Krehl:--I have just heard, through Mr. Wade, of your kind offer to buy me a gentle dog, and I want to thank you for the kind thought.

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During his last illness the prophet indicated Abu-Bekr as his successor by desiring him to offer up prayer for the people.

He accepted her offer and thus became Under Sheriff of Ouray County, Colorado.

The Internet is full of sites that offer good to humanity and yield no profit for the people working on them.

Flowers that require the aid of insects usually offer some attraction to their visitors in the shape of bright colour, fragrance or sweet juices.

Thank you for checking up on me and for the offer to protect me.

The offer of French assistance, made after the proclamation of the republic in the spring of 1848, had been rejected mainly because France, fearing that the creation of a strong Italian state would be a danger to her, would have demanded the cession of Nice and Savoy, which the king refused to consider.

The dangers of conjectural emendation are well known and apparent; large numbers of such emendations have been ill-advised; but in the case of many passages the only alternative for the textual critic who is at once competent and honest is to offer such emendations or to indicate that such passages are corrupt and the means of restoring them lacking.