Sentence Examples with the word offensively

The Italian's face instantly changed and assumed an offensively affected, sugary expression, evidently habitual to him when conversing with women.

It is perhaps easy to understand how, in the crisis of 1640, when the ethico-political system of Hobbes first took written shape, a peace-loving philosopher should regard the claims of individual conscience as essentially anarchical, and dangerous to social well-being; but however strong might be men's yearning for order, a view of social duty, in which the only fixed positions were selfishness everywhere and unlimited power somewhere, could not but appear offensively paradoxical.

Had he expected to live he could not have said those words in that offensively cold tone.

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The bulb has a strong and characteristic odour and an acrid taste, and yields an offensively smelling oil, essence of garlic, identical with allyl sulphide (C 3 H 5) 2 S (see Hofmann and Cahours, Journ.

Long, and Lord Moira, who directed the plan of the campaign, resolved to act offensively along the whole line.