Sentence Examples with the word offended

Its characteristic note was an insistence on discipline which offended contemporaries.

Hooke was offended because Sir John did not mention what he had told him of his own discovery.

He tried to tempt the wearied Greeks on the banks of the Beas with schemes of conquest in the rich south-eastern provinces; but, having personally offended their leader, he had to fly the camp (326 B.C.).

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Six years after his death Georges de Scudery edited his work with a Tombeau (copy of obituary verses), and a challenge in the preface to any one who might be offended by the editor's eulogy of the poet.

He's an army-type and has strict instructions, so don't be offended if he's less than conversational.

He must have been a much hated man, for his latitudinarianism offended the high church party and his rationalism the other sections.

Alpatych, mastering his offended feelings, kept pace with Rostov at a gliding gait and continued to impart his views.

The apparent object of the measure was to deprive the people of Pittsburg temporarily of the privileges of self-government by empowering the governor to appoint a recorder (in 1903 the title of mayor was again assumed) to exercise (until 1903, when the municipal executive should be again chosen by the people) the functions of the mayor, thus removed by the governor under this statute; and this act applied to the other cities of the second class, Allegheny and Scranton, although they had not offended the party managers.

I will not be offended at my idle, thoughtless fairies, for they have taught me a new way of doing good.

Natasha felt offended by the hesitation she had noticed in the anteroom, by her father's nervousness, and by the unnatural manner of the princess who--she thought--was making a favor of receiving her, and so everything displeased her.