Sentence Examples with the word off

Stuart, which beat off with heavy loss an attack imprudently delivered by General Rynier on.

Some of the hyphae which project from the leaf bear spores (conidia), which are constricted off one at a time, and by their means the fungus is distributed (fig.

I'll tell the world at this end I'm off on a ten day fishing trip and can't be contacted.

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The war did not entirely cease, but became local and spasmodic. In Brittany the factions which supported the two claimants to the ducal title were so embittered that they never laid down their arms. In 1351 the French noblesse of Picardy, apparently without their masters knowledge or consent, made an attempt to surprise Calais, which was beaten off with some difficulty by King Edward in person.

Long., Monaco Deep and Chun Deep off the north-west of Africa, Moseley Deep off the Cape Verde Islands, Krech Deep off the Liberian coast, and Buchanan Deep off the mouth of the Congo.

He worked, it is said, at her portrait during some portion of four successive years, causing music to be played during the sittings that the rapt expression might not fade from off her countenance.

It contained at that time the single genus Rhabdopleura, a minute animal dredged by Sars off the Lofoten Islands, and by Norman off the Shetlands.

It is unique, however, among the great promontories of the south coast of England, the accretion of gravel banks falling into deep water contrasting with the cliff-bound headlands of the North Foreland, Beachy Head and the Lizard, and with the low eroded Selsey Bill, off which the sea is shallow.

An allied force of 37 British sail of the line, under command of the earl of Torrington (Arthur Herbert), and of 2 2 Dutch under C. Evertsen, was at anchor under the headland, while a French fleet of over 70 sail, commanded by the comte de Tourville, was anchored some miles off to the south-west.

She held on to his hand, as if keeping him from falling off a cliff.