Sentence Examples with the word of the essence

Vital force is only an expression for the unknown remainder over and above what we know of the essence of life.

The first form of Realism corresponds to the Platonic theory of the transcendence of the ideas; the second reproduces the Aristotelian doctrine of the essence as inseparable from the individual thing.

Two positions on which he repeatedly insisted have taken a firm hold - first, that it is of the essence of a church to be comprehensive of various views and tendencies, and that a national church especially should seek to represent all the elements of the life of the nation; secondly, that subscription to a creed can bind no one to all its details, but only to the sum and substance, or the spirit, of the symbol.

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All that we know of the external world of nature is only a certain relation of the forces of nature to inevitability, or of the essence of life to the laws of reason.

It is of the essence of an active mind like Pascal's to explore and state all the arguments which make for or make against the conclusion it is investigating.

Of the older ontological notions of disease the strongest were those of the essence of fever and of the essence of inflammation.

Schelling's explicit appeal in the Identitdts-philosophie to an intellectual intuition of the Absolute, is of the essence of mysticism, both as an appeal to a suprarational faculty and as a claim not merely to know but to realize God.

It is of the essence of a sacrament to be an inscrutable process.

A predicate either is expressive of the essence or part of the essence of the subject, viz.

But the term is inoffensive to Roman Catholics, since it advertises their claim that communion with the see of Rome is of the essence of Catholicity, and to Protestants, since it serves to emphasize the fact that the religion of modern Rome differs widely in many important respects from that of the undivided medieval Church.