Sentence Examples with the word oeuvre

The best modern work on the subject is by the comtesse Catherine de Flavigny, entitled Sainte Brigitte de Suede, sa vie, ses revelations et son oeuvre (Paris, 1892), which contains an exhaustive bibliogr,aphy.

Glover, Life and Letters in the Fourth Century (1901); Abbe Gimazane, Ammianus Marcellinus, sa vie et son oeuvre (Toulouse, 1889), a work containing a number of very doubtful theories.

Renan, sa vie et son oeuvre (1892); E.

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Booth, Saint-Simon and Saint-Simonism (London, 1871); Georges Weill, Un Precurseur du socialisme, Saint-Simon et son oeuvre (Paris, 1894), and a history of the Ecole Saint-Simonienne, by the same author (1896); G.

See also Alcide Dusolier, Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly (1862), a collection of eulogies and interviews; Paul Bourget, Preface to d'Aurevilly's Memoranda (1883); Jules Lemaitre, Les Contemporains; Eugene Grele, Barbey d'Aurevilly, sa vie et son oeuvre (1902); Rene Doumic, in the Revue des deux mondes (Sept.

Sensier, Vie et oeuvre de J.

Keim, Helvetius, sa vie et son oeuvre (1907).

Cousin (Paris, 1864); P. Janet, Victor Cousin et son oeuvre (Paris, 1885); Jules Simon, V.