Sentence Examples with the word oersted

C. Oersted (1777-1851) had shown that a magnetic needle is deflected by an electric current, he attempted, in the laboratory of the Royal Institution in the presence of Humphry Davy, to convert that deflection into a continuous rotation, and also to obtain the reciprocal effect of a current rotating round a magnet.

It is clear, moreover, that Oersted clearly recognized the existence of what is now called the magnetic field round the conductor.

In it Oersted describes the action he considers is taking place around 2 Faraday discussed the chemical theory of the pile and arguments in support of it in the 8th and 16th series of his Experimental Researches on Electricity.

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C. Oersted (21st July 1820) were still in 1821 apprehended in a somewhat confused manner even by the foremost men of science.

C. Oersted 6 that a magnet placed near a wire carrying an electric current tended to set itself at right angles to the wire, a phenomenon which indicated that the current was surrounded by a magnetic field.

To take a simple instance, if we consider an electric current as flowing in a conductor it is, as Oersted discovered, surrounded by closed lines of magnetic force.

In the annals of modern science Hans Christian Oersted (1777-1851) is a name universally honoured.

C. Oersted heated its chloride with potassium amalgam, and failed in his object simply by reason of the mercury, so that when F.