Sentence Examples with the word oecumenical

The Church of Cyprus has been autocephalous since at any rate the oecumenical synod of Ephesus in 431.

The public meetings of the great oecumenical council (1431-1449) were held in the choir, while the committees sat in the chapter-house.

The objects originally contemplated had been the restoration of the unity of the church and its reform in head and members; but so great had become the prominence of Bohemian affairs that to these also a first place in the programme of the approaching oecumenical assembly required to be assigned, and for their satisfactory settlement the presence of Huss was necessary.

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The first Methodist Oecumenical Conference was held in London in 1881, the second in Washington in 1891, the third in London in 1901, the fourth being fixed for Toronto in 1911.

The Eastern creeds may thus be roughly placed in two classes - the oecumenical creeds of the early undivided church, and later testimonies defining the position of the Orthodox Church of the East with regard to the belief of the Roman Catholic and of Protestant Churches.

Its independence was formally recognized by the oecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, in 1885.

In both cases, apparently, an oecumenical synod ignored the Roman deposition and judged the alleged offences of the respective patriarchs in first and last instance.

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In March 1179 Alexander held the third Lateran synod, a brilliant assemblage, reckoned by the Roman church as the eleventh oecumenical council; its acts embody several of the pope's proposals for the betterment of the condition of the church, among them the present law requiring that no one may be elected pope without the votes of two-thirds of the cardinals.

Provincial synods were held in the 2nd century, and were not completely organized before the advent of oecumenical councils.