Sentence Examples with the word odour

When she is out walking she often stops suddenly, attracted by the odour of a bit of shrubbery.

This brochure brought him into bad odour at court, and he left the war office on half-pay, and was refused a command in the field at the outbreak of the Franco-German War.

Schonbein investigated ozone, a gas of peculiar odour (named from the Gr.

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The wood has a pure bitter taste, and is without odour or aroma.

Pubescens, Hook, is of a dark reddish colour, has an acrid taste and an odour resembling cedar-wood, and softens in the hand.

It is brownishgreen, and otherwise resembles bhang, as in odour and taste.

Newly pressed rape oil has a dark sherry colour with, at first, scarcely any perceptible smell; but after resting a short time the oil deposits an abundant mucilaginous slime, and by taking up oxygen it acquires a peculiar disagreeable odour and an acrid taste.

At Cochin Siqueira took on board certain adherents of Alphonso d'Alboquerque who were in bad odour with his rival d'Almeida, among them being Magellan, the future circumnavigator of the world, and Francisco Serrao, the first European who ever lived in the Spice Islands.

This balsam gives the tree a fragrant odour when the leaves are unfolding.

Political topics were studiously avoided in general conversation, and books or newspapers in which the most keen-scented press-censor could detect the least odour of political or religious free-thinking were strictly prohibited.