Sentence Examples with the word odin

According to the story he had obtained victory from Odin in return for a promise to give himself up at the end of ten years.

Honey-dew falls from the tree, and on it Odin hung nine nights, offering himself to himself.

It is probable, however, that the worship of Odin was once common to most of the Teutonic peoples.

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Probably after the viking days came in the conceptions of the last war of gods, and the end of all, and the theory of Odin All-Father as a kind of emperor in the heavenly world.

Owing to the very small amount of information which has come down to us regarding the gods of ancient England and Germany, it cannot be determined how far the character and adventures attributed to Odin in Scandinavian mythology were known to other Teutonic peoples.

Among these were Odin (Woden), Thor (Thunor) and Tyr (Ti); so also Frigg (Frig), the wife of Odin (see Frigg, Odin, Woden, Thor, Tyr).

Those offered to Odin (Woden) were generally, if not always, men, from the time of Tacitus onwards.

Farther north, on Odin Bay, is a round pit in the rocks called the Vat of Kirbuster.

Their worship was generally connected with peace and plenty, just as that of Odin was chiefly bound up with war.

In notices relating to religious observances Odin appears chiefly as the giver of victory or as the god of the dead.