Sentence Examples with the word oddly

Her blood smelled sweet, and the oddly charged aura around her made his brow furrow.

Despite her fury and fear, she found his presence oddly calming, like sitting in a spa surrounded by incense with her feet in a salt bath.

From Frumentius to the present day, with one break, the Metropolitan (Abuna) has always been appointed from Egypt, and, oddly enough, he is always a foreigner.

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In Scotland he was not a conqueror, but a mere visitor, and oddly enough he came as a visitor along with those whom he had himself overcome in England.

Driving home, Jackson felt oddly happy.

His voice sounded stronger today, and his southern drawl struck her as oddly familiar.

Yet was this half-horrible stolidity in him, involving, too, as it appeared, an all-ramifying heartlessness;--yet was it oddly dashed at times, with an old, crutch-like, antediluvian, wheezing humorousness, not unstreaked now and then with a certain grizzled wittiness; such as might have served to pass the time during the midnight watch on the bearded forecastle of Noah's ark.

The great earl had, oddly enough, commenced his career as one of the kings foreign favorites.