Sentence Examples with the word ocular

A somite placed between the prosoma and mesosoma - the prae-genital somite - appears to have belonged originally to the prosomatic series (which with its ocular prosthomere and palpi FIG.

In the main, the various types of minute ocular structure correspond very closely to the different groups into which mammals are divided, this correspondence affording important testimony in the favour of the general correctness of the classification.

But although in such lower Crustacea the nerve-ganglia of the third prosthomere have not fused with the anterior nerve-mass, there is no question as to the prae-oral position of two appendage-bearing somites in addition to the ocular prosthomere.

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The fourth ocular result of administering atropine is the production of a slight but definite degree of local anaesthesia of the eyeball.

Occasionally the ocular lobes are articulated.

These include, besides ocular squint, many spatial positions and movements unwonted to the body: the looking from a height, the gliding over ice, sea-travel, to some persons even travelling by train, or the covering of one eye.

The most accurate calculations are obtained by using the screw micrometer ocular (fig.

Here the articulation of the ocular segment is unusually distinct, and here two characters quite foreign to all the preceding groups come into view.

But the protocerebrum contains the ganglia of the ocular segment in addition to those of the procephalic lobes.

The black represents the cuticular product of the epidermal cells of the ocular area, taking the form either of))...,r,, f lens, cl, of crystalline body, cry, or of rhabdom, rhab; hy, hypodermis or epidermal cells; corn', laterallyplaced cells in the simpler stage, A, which like the nerve-end cells, vit' and ret', are corneagens or lens-producing; corn, specialized corneagen or lens-producing cells; vie, potential vitrella cells with cry', potential crystalline body now indistinguishable from retinula cells and rhabdomeres; vit, vitrella cell with cry, its contained cuticular product, the crystalline cone or body; ret', rhab', retinula cells and rhabdom of scorpion undifferentiated from adjacent cells, vit'; ret, retinula cell; rhab, rhabdom; nf, optic nerve-fibres.