Sentence Examples with the word octavo

As regards his poems proper, of which there are two long ones, the Henriade and the Pucelle, besides smaller pieces, of which a bare catalogue fills fourteen royal octavo columns, their value is very unequal.

For five years it was a weekly miscellany in quarto, and afterwards an octavo monthly; it was the first American serial which could boast of so long an existence.

Amid the plethora of books, the reader cannot do better than consult the Narrative and Critical History of America, edited by Justin Winsor (1886-1889), in eight large octavo volumes, in which all the chapters are supplied with copious and carefully compiled bibliographies.

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Rutt in1817-1832fill 25 octavo volumes.

He is of moderate octavo size, varying from fifteen to twenty-five feet in length, and of corresponding dimensions round the waist.

A sequel to the octavo Birds of America, corresponding with it in form, was brought out in1853-1855by Cassin as Illustrations of the Birds of California, Texas, Oregon, British and Russian America.

In 1766 appeared Pennant's British Zoology, a well-illustrated folio, of which a second edition in octavo was published in 1768, and considerable additions (forming the nominally third edition) in 1770, while in 1777 there were two issues, one in octavo, the other in quarto, each called the fourth edition.

It occupies twenty-four octavo pages, and consists of four theorems and seven problems, some of which are identical with some of the most important propositions of the second and third sections of the first book of the Principia.

Brownson, collected and published his various political, religious, philosophical, scientific and literary writings, in twenty octavo volumes (Detroit, 1883-1887), of which a condensed summary appeared in a single volume, also prepared by his son, entitled Literary and Political Views (New York, 1893).

Quarto and octavo editions of the New Testament alone were published in the same year, 1539, as the original edition, and in the following year, 1540, the New Testament in duodecimo.