Sentence Examples with the word ochre

Their produce has gradually decreased since the 17th century, and is now unimportant, but sulphate of copper, iron pyrites, and some gold, silver, sulphur and sulphuric acid, and red ochre are also produced.

There are white clay and yellow ochre works in different parts of the township. Bennington is the seat of the Vermont state soldiers' home.

The various kinds of brown and yellow ochre are mixtures of limonite with clay and other impurities; whilst in umber much manganese oxide is present.

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Yellow and red ochre mixed with grease are coarsely smeared over the bodies, grey in coarse patterns and white in fine patterns resembling tattoo marks.

Copper, mercury, and iron ores, as also pure copper, ochre and sulphur, are found in the peninsula.

Molybdenum occurs in nature chiefly as the minerals molybdenite (MoS 2) and wulfenite (PbMo04), and more rarely as molybdic ochre (Moos) and ilsemannite; it also occurs in many iron ores.

The contact being thus reddened showed where the face had to be further dressed away; and this process was continued until the ochre touched points not more than an inch apart all over the joint faces, many square feet in area.

Other industries are brewing, printing and iron-founding, and there are ochre and iron mines in the neighbourhood.

Limonite in the form of ochre occurs in considerable quantity.

Pottery, fire, ochre and brick clays are abundant, the first two mainly in the eastern part of the state.