Sentence Examples with the word ocellus

As to expose the ocellus to the light; if the FIG.

In Aurelia there are two on each rhopalium, a simple ocellus on the exumbral side, and a cupped ocellus on the subumbral side (not present in young individuals).

The simplest type of ocellus is exemplified by the exumbral ocellus of Aurelia, a simple patch of pigment-cells interspersed with visual cells, the whole on a level with the remaining ectodermal epithelium.

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In the next stage of complication, seen in the supernumerary (seventh) ocellus of Charybdaea, the patch of pigmented and sensory epithelium is pushed in to form a little pit, in the T Aurelia aurita.

In this way the ocellus becomes a true eye, very similar in plan to the eyes of Gastropods and other molluscs.

The simple form of ocellus described in the foregoing paragraph may become folded into a pit or cup, the interior of which becomes filled with a clear gelatinous secretion forming a sort of vitreous Modified after Linko, Travaux Soc. Imp. Nat., St.

A similar ocellus is formed in Aurelia among the Scyphomedusae (q.v.).