Sentence Examples with the word oceangoing

The Fulda, navigable for 63 m., and the Werra, 38 m., above the point where they unite, form by their junction the Weser, which has a course of 271 m., and receives as navigable tributaries the Aller, the Leine from Hanover, and some smaller streams. Oceangoing steamers, however, cannot get as far as Bremen, and unload at Bremerhaven.

The city is accessible to oceangoing ships of 16 ft.

Deep) by large oceangoing vessels, and which will have a minimum depth of 25 ft.

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Draught, is well protected by the island of Guilnaras, and oceangoing vessels can lie in the channel.

The oceangoing foreign trade of the country is carried wholly in foreign vessels, for the regular lines of which Guayaquil is a principal port of call.