Sentence Examples with the word occupied

The council of Basel was still sitting, and had elected an anti-pope, Felix V., in opposition to Eugenius IV., while the Frederick electors, adhering to their neutral attitude, sought Ill, and to bring Frederick into line with them on this question, the Some years were occupied in negotiations, but the Pa,oacv.

Again in 1488, Matthias took Ancona under his protection for a time and occupied it with a Hungarian garrison.

The earlier letters of this correspondence show how rapidly he rose to distinction in a field where success was difficult, as it was already occupied by such men as John Abernethy, Sir Astley Cooper and Henry Cline.

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Not far from the scene of this conflict stands Balquhain Castle, a seat of the Leslies, now a mere shell, which was occupied by Queen Mary in September 1562 before the fight at Corrichie between her forces, led by the earl of Moray, and those of the earl of Huntly.

In May 1883 an ultimatum was sent to the Malagasy queen, requiring immediate compliance with the demands of France; and as these were refused by the Hova government, Tamatave was bombarded by a French squadron and then occupied by the marines.

AKA HILLS, a tract of country on the north-east frontier of India, occupied by an independent tribe called the Akas.

It was temporarily occupied by Godfrey, and again by Frederick Barbarossa, but this scarcely affected its prosperity.

Augusta, and the most important strategic centre, as commanding the passes of the Mons Aurasius, a mountain block which separated Numidia from the Gaetulian tribes of the desert, and which was gradually occupied in its whole extent by the Romans under the Empire.

She stepped into the cool night ahead of an occupied Sirian and threw her head back to see the half-moon.

Being ordered to co-operate with Sherman in North Carolina, Schofield moved his corps by rail and sea to Fort Fisher, North Carolina, in seventeen days, occupied Wilmington on the 22nd of February 1865, fought the action at Kinston on the 8 - 10th of March, and on the 23rd joined Sherman at Goldsboro.