Sentence Examples with the word occupant

The council of bishops who met at Rakka in the summer of 818 to choose a successor to Cyriacus had great difficulty in finding a worthy occupant of the patriarchal chair, but finally agreed on the election of Dionysius, hitherto known only as an honest monk who devoted himself to historical studies.

When, for example, one observes the usual forms of hero-cult and the tendency to regard the occupant of the modern sacred shrine as the ancestor of his clients, deeper significance is attached to the references to the protective care of Abraham and Israel (Is.

In the German universities the Professor ordinarius is the occupant of one of the regular and permanent chairs in any faculty.

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The other occupant was slouching down in the passenger's seat with his hat pulled over his eyes, apparently napping.

With belligerent occupation, the occupant does not acquire any sovereignty over territory, it merely exercises de facto control.

The occupant of the large chair in the corner of the living room launched towards her in a flurry of brown and black fur.

Finally, in 1876, he became the first occupant of the chair of physics at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, a position which he retained until his premature death on the 16th of April 1901.

The seats generally can be folded back so as to allow the occupant to stand upright or kneel; beneath the seat, especially in monastic churches, is fixed a small bracket, a miserere, which affords a slight rest for the person while standing.

The houses were let on a system by which the occupant became the owner after the payment of a certain number of instalments.

At Cambridge College the mere rent of a student's room, which is only a little larger than my own, is thirty dollars each year, though the corporation had the advantage of building thirty-two side by side and under one roof, and the occupant suffers the inconvenience of many and noisy neighbors, and perhaps a residence in the fourth story.