Sentence Examples with the word occidental

This change is doubtless due in part to Occidental appreciation of the products of his art, which were formerly held in little honor by his own countrymen, the place assigned to them being scarcely higher than that accorded to magazine illustrations in Europe and America.

But it has to be clearly understood that there is here no mention of a flowergarden in the Occidental sense of the term.

In its social life Alexandria is the most progressive and occidental of all the cities of North Africa, with the possible exception of Algiers.

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The principal educational institutions are the University of Southern California (Methodist Episcopal, 1880), the Maclay College of Theology and a preparatory school; Occidental College (Presbyterian, 1887), St Vincent's College (Roman Catholic, founded 1865; chartered 1869) and the Los Angeles State Normal School (1882).

All these treesthe plum, the cherry and the peachbear no fruit worthy of the name, nor do they excel their Occidental representatives in wealth of blossom, but the admiring affection they inspire in Japan is unique.

The difficulties that confront an Occidental who attempts to learn Japanese are enormous.

The eastern chain is known as the Andes of Ecuador, or the Cordillera Oriental, and the western as the Cordillera Occidental (Western Cordillera).

For occidental writers, Zoroaster is always the Magus, or the founder of the whole Magian system (Plut.

To say that it displaced the centre of gravity in politics and commerce, substituting the ocean for the Mediterranean, dethroning Italy from her seat of central importance in traffic, depressing the eastern and elevating the western powers of Europe, opening a path for Anglo-Saxon expansiveness, forcing philosophers and statesmen to regard the Occidental nations as a single group in counterpoise to other groups of nations, the European community as one unit correlated to other units of humanity upon this planet, is truth enough to vindicate the vast significance of these discoveries.

Maps of the French Africa Colonies have been published by the service geographique de l'Afrique occidental and the service geographique des colonies.