Sentence Examples with the word obviously

He incorporates some official documents, and in many places obviously derives his information from others which he does not quote.

The heraldic type is used on the monuments which appear to be the older, and the geometrical pattern is often employed on the inscribed monuments, which are obviously later than the earliest uninscribed.

His Latin treatises, De emendatione vitae and De incendio amoris, the latter one of the most interesting of his works, because it is obviously largely autobiographical, were translated (1434-35) by Richard Misyn (ed.

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Such an operation is obviously justifiable only in cases where other less severe measures have failed to give relief.

There was no immediate need for a van and if they did need one, they... he, obviously had the money.

While many of the science and health articles are obviously outdated, much of the biographical and historical articles is more complete and in-depth compared to those available elsewhere.

The art of making stained xxv11.3 2 a glass windows was not practised by the Venetians; almost the only fine glass in Venice is that in a south transept window in the Dominican church, which, though designed by able Venetian painters, is obviously the work of foreigners.

It thus came to pass that in Purcell's voluminous biography much that was obviously never intended for the public eye was, perhaps inadvertently, printed, together with a good deal of ungenerous comment.

The passage from Numbers xi., which is here included, is obviously out of place in its present context (the story of the quails), and supplies in part the necessary antecedent to Ex.

The magnifying power obviously depends on the proportion of the focal length of the object-lens to that of the eye-lens, that is, magnifying power where F is the focal length of the object-lens and e that of the eye-lens.