Sentence Examples with the word obverse

In many respects, Pauline Christianity is the obverse of the Pharisaic creed.

The obverse has usually a male head, sometimes inscribed with what appears to be a native name.

Other royal official seals usually bear on the obverse the king enthroned or mounted, and the royal arms on the reverse.

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Great identical with that of the obverse (fig.

Bulla, a boss, or circular metal ornament), and necessarily they were in all cases suspended from the documents, and they bore a design on both obverse and reverse.

Those heresy-hunts show us the worst side of St Bernard, yet they are in a way just the obverse of his deep mystical piety.

On the obverse is generally the king, who, in the earlier coins at any rate, wears a long open coat, knee boots and a tall cap - clearly the costume of a nomad from the north.

Such specimens as have descended to us show that the golden bulla of the middle ages was usually hollow, being formed of two thin plates of metal stamped with the designs of obverse and reverse, soldered together at the edges and padded with wax or plaster.

But there are examples of elaborate matrices composed of several pieces, from the impressions of which the seal was built up in an ingenious fashion, both obverse and reverse being carved in hollow work, through which figures and subjects impressed on an inner layer of wax are to be seen.

Anselm's natural element was theology, and the high metaphysical questions which are as it were the obverse of theology.