Sentence Examples with the word obsessed

Xander remembered her older and realized he had always viewed Eden through the eyes of the child who embarked on a journey with the Oracle obsessed with destroying the last Grey God.

Like the assassin who obsessed about birthdays and clothing, there were two sides to the man before her: the warm, friendly stranger with whom she'd felt so comfortable she confided to him over the phone without knowing anything about him, and the tattooed thug before them in snug biker leathers.

He'd be obsessed with her, stalk her to the ends of the galaxy as long as he lived.

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He's obsessed about his sister's death.

Since there was no longer a Parliament, or any personal immunity, the military authorities established unlimited police rule, which seemed to be obsessed with terror of its own citizens; anyone who seemed to them suspect was subjected to internment in concentration camps.

If people were permanently obsessed with food, all individual thought, all capacity to argue, even people's sex drive, would disappear.

He'd become obsessed with finding the man.

She obsessed with the Annie Quincy story, and....

She was obsessed with them locating him and transporting his bones to the light of day.

Howie remained obsessed that he'd failed to nail the culprit and when he heard of this later case, he begged Quinn to take enough time away from his wife and new daughter for a single session.