Sentence Examples with the word obnoxious

So obnoxious did he become as a critic of the government, that Walpole thought fit to punish him by procuring his dismissal from the army.

Had become so obnoxious to the Czechs that his removal would be regarded by them as a concession, his resignation was suddenly accepted by the emperor, and, on the ist of January 1905, a former premier, Baron von Gautsch, was appointed in his stead.

Henry then married Jane Seymour, who was obnoxious to no one, gave birth to Edward VI., and then died (1537).

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This fact made the new system especially obnoxious to the bureaucracy,, and during the latter years of Alexander II.

The odour alone of guaco has been said to cause in snakes a state of stupor and torpidity; and Humboldt, who observed that the near approach of a rod steeped in guaco-juice was obnoxious to the venomous Coluber corallinus, was of opinion that inoculation with it imparts to the perspiration an odour which makes reptiles unwilling to bite.

He would find a bar where gangs hung out and purposely pick a fight with the biggest, most obnoxious member.

The government therefore veered round towards the German Liberals; some of the ministers most obnoxious to the Germans resigned, and their places were taken by Germans.

Specially obnoxious minister, Van Maanen, and a separate administration for Belgium.

The dispersal by the National Guard, under his orders, of the riotous assembly in the Champ de Mars (July 17, 1791) rendered him obnoxious to the infuriated populace, and he retired to Nantes, where he composed his Memoires d'un temoin (published in 3 vols.

Hence, though this procedure made the Jews intensely obnoxious to the peoples, they became all the more necessary to the rulers.