Sentence Examples with the word oblivious

She's oblivious to everything.

Bill and Katie were in deep conversation and sat down in unison, completely oblivious to what was going on around them.

When Rissa merely nodded, accepting the insult, he felt the urge to shake sense into the oblivious woman.

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He seems oblivious that his selfish actions inconvenience everyone else.

Dean continued to struggle with paper work throughout the afternoon, almost oblivious to the comings and goings of Bird Song as he shuffled unpaid bills and government forms.

He lifted her hand and kissed it, oblivious to the guests.

Toni's face lit up, and she thrust out her chest in a way that made Jessi want to laugh in embarrassment on the oblivious model's behalf.

The Emperor moved forward evidently wishing to end the conversation, but the flushed and excited Italian, oblivious of decorum, followed him and continued to speak.

The town of Ouray was so oblivious to these frequent winter gifts from Mother Nature that snow caused not a hitch in the local activities.

But he was often oblivious to the strain upon her energies, and had little command of his temper.