Sentence Examples with the word oblivion

At the moment he left practically nothing to tell the world of his transcendent genius, and his reputation has had to be retrieved from oblivion page by page, and almost poem by poem.

He at once offered in the name of the young king pardon and oblivion of offences to all the insurgent barons.

Jonah (Abulwalid), which was cast in a similar bipartite form; and it was chiefly due to I imhi's grammar and lexicon that, while the contents of Abulwalid's works were common knowledge, they themselves remained in oblivion for centuries.

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The work contains accounts of John the Baptist and Jesus, which may account for the fact that Josephus' writings were rescued from oblivion by the Christians.

Then, just as it appears to have been sinking into oblivion among the people, the clergy themselves gave it the character of a specific religious festival.

The order had almost fallen into oblivion when it was revived in 1734 by the margrave George Frederick Charles as the Order of the Brandenburg Red Eagle.

The usual revolution of critical as of other taste, the oblivion of personal and political unpopularity, and above all the reaction against Hugo and the extreme Romantics, have been the main agents in this.

Apparently some early archetype had been divided into two volumes, of which only the first (containing eight plays, Amphitruo - Epidicus) had escaped oblivion or destruction.

This is described as a long drawn-out dream of bitter memories - a vivid consciousness of failure without volition, or the power of initiative - a dream of lost opportunities and futile regrets, of ambitions thwarted and hopes denied, of neglected duties, abused powers and impotent hate; a dream ending ultimately in the oblivion of utter annihilation.

Archives have been reformed, their contents catalogued or calendared; government commissions have rescued numberless documents from oblivion or destruction, and learned societies have supplemented and criticized this work and co-ordinated the results.