Sentence Examples with the word obliged

He was obliged to defend in 54 Publius Vatinius, whom he had fiercely attacked during the trial of Sestius; also Aulus Gabinius, one of the consuls to whom his exile was due; and Rabirius Postumus, an agent of Gabinius.

De Robeck felt himself obliged to inform the Admiralty that the offensive against the Straits ought not to be continued as a purely naval operation of war.

The inhabitants of the colony were thus regarded as a permanent garrison, and at first freed from the obligations of ordinary military service, until they were later on obliged to serve in the fleet.

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The Bohemian army refused to cross the Saxon frontier, and towards the end of the year 1546 Ferdinand was obliged to disband his Bohemian forces.

In 1609 he caused the prince of Conde to marry Charlotte de Montmorency, whom shortly of ter Conde was obliged to save from the king's persistent gallantry by a hasty flight, first to Spain and then to Italy.

The deficiencies in such returns are gross and notorious, but the census office feels obliged to seek for them and to report what it finds, however incomplete or incorrect the results may be.

Subsequently, Balbus became Caesar's private secretary, and Cicero was obliged to ask for his good offices with Caesar.

This arrayed the Venetians, Tuscany, the Empire and Spain against him, and he was obliged to relinquish his conquest.

When, however, Lysias returned in force to renew the contest, Judas had to fall back upon the Temple mount, and escaped defeat only because the Syrian leader was obliged to hasten back to Antioch in order to prevent a rival from seizing the regency.

The Great s work, and obliged Russia, the ally 01 England and Prussia, to allow the latter to be despoiled, and to join Napoleon against the maritime tyranny of the former.