Sentence Examples with the word obligated

As the deity who brought you back from the dead-dead, you are obligated to me, she reminded him.

Russia, obligated by treaty to defend Serbia, mobilized its army.

Now that Molly had confessed more knowledge than any of us suspected, I felt obligated to tell Martha the full story before she learned it from overheard conversation or from Molly directly.

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You have a list of enemies longer than mine, and he's obligated to protect you.

I can't talk to you directly, or I am obligated to take you with me, Death's words appeared in the book.

I.m doing what I.m obligated to do.

They would say, If government is obligated to protect its citizens from a foreign invader, then it is obligated to protect them from a criminal.

By Immortal Code, Gabriel was obligated to protect Deidre.

If you want to go into town for pizza, please don't feel obligated to invite me.

By Immortal Code, he was obligated to claim her and protect her as Rhyn had Katie.