Sentence Examples with the word objective

The Fraunhofer formula permits the determination of the most useful magnification of such an objective in order to utilize its full resolving power.

In all microscopes the rays are limited, not in the eyepiece, but in the objective, or before the objective when using a condenser.

Motion, even more evidently than space, implicates the contradictory conception of continuity, and cannot, therefore, be a real predicate, though valid as an intelligible form and necessary to the comprehension of the objective semblance.

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Success will depend on objective criteria and visualizing the process.

Lamarck practically conceded the objective existence of species in arguing that they might be modified by external conditions, and G.

The casual concept, as given by experience, expresses not a necessary objective order of things, but an ordered scheme of perception; it is subjective and cannot be postulated as a concrete law apart from consciousness.

In the sliding changer the objective is, dovetailed to a slide, the correct position being secured by clamps.

Wallin, was to make that the objective of his journey.

Putting aside fantastic theories, these observers endeavoured to give in their classifications a strictly objective representation of the facts of animal structure and of the structural relationships of animals to one another capable of demonstration.

But in all this it has been assumed that we are spectators of the objective semblance; it remains to make good this assumption, or, in other words, to show the possibility of knowledge; this is the problem of what Herbart terms Eidolology, and forms the transition from metaphysic to psychology.