Sentence Examples with the word objectionable

The words are the common property of an earlier age which saw nothing objectionable in reservation for the sick.

The original works of Rufinus are - (I) De Adulteratione Librorum Origenis - an appendix to his translation of the Apology of Pamphilus, and intended to show that many of the features in Origen's teaching which were then held to be objectionable arise from interpolations and falsifications of the genuine text; (2) De Benedictionibus XII Patriarcharum Libri II - an exposition of Gen.

Masonry bridges are preferable in appearance to any others, and metal arch bridges are less objectionable than most forms of girder.

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The skin gives out an objectionable odour, owing to the habit of anointing the body with fish-oils, but the true fetor of the negro is lacking in the Australian.

The government policy would, they alleged, create an absolute and objectionable monopoly.

The convict lease system in its most objectionable form was abolished in 1883, and convicts are now employed on state account or by private contract.

But when so situated it is apt to suffer from the shade of the building, and is objectionable on account of admitting damp to the drawing-room.

All this speaks of intense hatred alike of Jews and Christians; the fasts, celibacy and monastic and anchoret life of the latter are peculiarly objectionable to the Mandaeans.

Their performances are often objectionable and are so regarded by many Egyptians.

The removal or the mitigation of objectionable matter is also occasionally found.