Sentence Examples with the word object

The most wonderful object of all was a great two-handled vase standing 3 ft.

His parts were good and he could speak and write six languages at a very early age, but the zeal of his guardians and tutors to make a man of him betimes nearly ruined his feeble constitution, while the riotous life led by him and his young consort, Maria of Austria, whom he wedded on the 13th of January 1522, speedily disqualified him for affairs, so that at last he became an object of ridicule at his own court.

The Laconia Company received - its first grant under the erroneous impression that the Piscataqua river had its source in or near Lake Champlain, and its principal object was to establish an extensive fur trade with the Iroquois Indians.

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Some historians say that he had already given orders for his execution, when he himself was killed (September r4th, 786) by his mother Khaizoran, who had systematically and successfully intrigued against him with the object of gaining the real power for herself.

Surrender to Henry of Lancaster, afterwards Henry IV., in whose reign a French fleet with 12,000 men on board sailed to the Haven and disembarked with the object of assisting the rebellion of Owen Glendower.

An inspired article in the Grenzbolen declared the object of this to be to moderate at once the aggressive attitude of the Pan-Germans towards Great Britain and British alarms at the naval development of Germany.

Because I have noticed that when a young man comes on leave from Petersburg to Moscow it is usually with the object of marrying an heiress.

A vast pulpy mass, furlongs in length and breadth, of a glancing cream-colour, lay floating on the water, innumerable long arms radiating from its centre, and curling and twisting like a nest of anacondas, as if blindly to clutch at any hapless object within reach.

The decoration was confined to blue under the glaze, and as an object of art the ware possessed no special merit.

With the same object Alexander Mackenzie, with a party of Canadians, set out from Fort Chippewyan on the 3rd of June 1789, and descending the great river which now bears the explorer's name reached the Arctic sea.